Different dangers

Quick sorting and listing exercises in small groups are followed by plenary discussion.

About the exercise

  • Group exercise
  • Time required : 1 h -1 h 40 minutes
  • Target audience : Best suited to faith-based/grassroots communities and civil society organisations/human rights defenders. Requires a basic understanding of gender equality and FORB among participants.


  • To help participants recognise that violations of freedom of religion or belief (FORB) affect women and men differently.
  • To enable participants to reflect on how different groups of women in their context are affected by violations of FORB.


Quick sorting and listing exercises in small groups are followed by plenary discussion. The exercise follows on well from the ‘Article 18: pronoun swap’ exercise, but you can run it without connecting the two.

In many contexts, women contend with societal norms that they should not speak up in public and that the kinds of violations they experience should not be discussed in public. To create safe space and build confidence, this exercise may work best in single-sex groups with a facilitator of the same sex. This strengthens women’s participation and empowers them to speak freely, which can also boost confidence to speak in a mixed group setting later. If the training group is mixed, then two single-sex groups can come together at the end of the exercise and volunteer spokespersons can summarise the reflections of their groups. Facilitators can then invite participants to further reflect on similarities and differences in the reflections from the two groups.

In this exercise, it is advisable to be prepared to deal with emotions that this exercise may trigger in participants with personal experiences of violations. Have a co-facilitator who can help you with this should the situation arise!

Source: Adapted from FORB Learning Platform and Stefanus Alliance International learning resources by Rachel Fleming.

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