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Film is a great way to learn and share knowledge.

Our human rights education films are ideal for personal study, online staff training or group trainings. Or why not flip the classroom and get participants to watch films in advance of a training and come to your face to face training prepared!

You can also find links to and suggestions for great movies and documentaries that can be used as a tool for reflection and discussion – a perfect evening activity at a residential training!

Illustration of two people watching a film on freedom of religion or belief. Illustrator: Toby Newsome.Illustration of two people watching a film on freedom of religion or belief. Illustrator: Toby Newsome.

Films on FORB

This set of 8 films will help you grasp what freedom of religion or belief (FORB) involves and when it may be limited. The films also give an introduction to the situation for freedom of religion or belief in various parts of the world. You can use the films for personal study or in group trainings, or use scripts of the films to develop the contents of your own talks.

See the films!
Illustration: Clip from FORB youtube video.Illustration: Clip from FORB youtube video.

Access to justice

Four short films exploring how you can work to find justice at the local, national and global levels when rights are violated. Ideal for groups or organisations affected by rights violations as well as those wanting to better understand the human rights system. ​

Learn as you watch
Illustration: Clip from YouTube video: Cultural narratives of violence.Illustration: Clip from YouTube video: Cultural narratives of violence.

Practitioners toolbox

Here you can find films that try to support practitioners working to promote FORB – for example providing practical tools for FORB context analysis. They all come from the FORB learning platform’s training of the trainers course – check out the courses page for details.

Films to help you work

FORB film competition

Each year Empower Women Media and the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation honour women who artfully and compellingly explore the impact of freedom of religion and belief in their workplaces and communities through short films.

2023 Prize winner: The losing side

Four women decide to take the road less traveled. After being forced to convert and marry, they decide to raise their voice against this injustice. The system fails them but their loved ones stand by them, hoping for better legislation and future.

2022 Prize winner: She stood against religious extremism

In a war-torn region of Pakistan, a young woman starts an initiative to counter religious extremism and sectarian violence by holding dialogue sessions with youth from different beliefs and religions. About the filmmaker: Zeenat Bibi grew up in Peshawar and graduated with a degree in mass communication. She is a journalist at Samaa News, a Pakistani National TV network.

2022 Prize winner: Together We Grow Together We Empower

A businesswoman in Peshawar, Pakistan welcomes women of different faiths to her centre and trains them to become entrepreneurs. “Together We Grow Together We Empower” was the Grand Prize Winner of the 2022 Religious Freedom and Business Foundation Film Competition. About the filmmaker: Fatima Nazish grew up in Peshawar, graduated with a degree in mass communication, got her break at Samaa News, and is a successful national level network television journalist.

Picture: Man talking about how the war changed his life.Picture: Man talking about how the war changed his life.

Movies and documentaries

Here are some suggestions for really good movies and documentaries that link to the subject of freedom of religion or belief and that can be used as a tool for reflection, building positive attitudes and discussion. Some are short and others are long. Why not organise a movie night for your faith community, for staff members or at a residential training event?

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