Movies and documentaries

Inspire reflection with film!

Here are some suggestions for really good movies and documentaries that link to the subject of freedom of religion or belief and that can be used as a tool for reflection, building positive attitudes and discussion. Some are short and others are long. Why not organise a movie night for your faith community, for staff members or at a residential training event?

My enemy, my brother

The moving story of two soliders on opposite sides of the Iran-Iraq war, who 20 years after one saves the other happen to meet and become as close as brothers. Available as a full length documentary or award winning short film. ​(2015)

Excuse my French

A humoristic story about a Christian boy in Egypt, who following the death of his father has to go to public school where is mistaken for a muslim. Arabic language with subtitles. Perfect to lighten things up at an evening session of a residential training, while still staying on topic and creating a starting point for discussion. ​(2014)

Storytelling for change

The songs of the flute and the drum

A storytale to help you and your community reflect on whether they value the rights protected by freedom of religion or belief.

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