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Whether you are a trainer, facilitator, group leader or teacher here you can find a wide range of tools and courses to help you, developed with trainers from across the globe.

Online course: FORB Training of the Trainers

An 11-week facilitated course ideal for anyone wanting to facilitate interactive trainings on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Requires 5 hours work per week. Available in English and in Arabic via our partner organisation Adyan Foundation.

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The FORB ‘Training of the trainers course’ has given me the right tools and a sense of confidence and competence to respond to the issues in my work.

Fred Nyabera

Arigatou International, Kenya

Use our ‘explainer’ films on FORB to teach or train your audience

Used by teachers, civil society trainers, foreign ministries and government bodies these films are useful both for face to face learning and to include in online training modules. The films help participants learn what freedom of religion or belief involves and when the right may be limited.

Films on FORB

The songs of the flute and the drum

A freedom of religion or belief story tale for all ages! Ideal for teachers, youth leaders and adult educators.

Storytelling for change

Explore the ‘exercise bank’ to find participatory exercises for your topic and audience.

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Explore our collection of case studies to use in exercises and talks

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