The songs of the flute and the drum

A freedom of religion or belief storytale

‘The Songs of the Flute and the Drum’ is a storytale that helps people think about whether they value the rights freedom of religion or belief protects.

It is ideal for helping children, young people and adults explore their attitudes to the right, without talking about the right directly – making it especially useful in difficult contexts.

If you are working with youth and adults, you can use the story together with the discussion exercise ‘Once upon a time’, which forms part of the Local Changemakers Course (our curriculum for grassroots level awareness raising and mobilisation).

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Once upon a time – discussion exercise to use with the story (youth/adults)

Once upon a time

This exercise is based around the story ‘The songs of the flute and the drum’. The story illustrates seven key words that relate to the rights protected by FORB.

Excercise Details for Once upon a time

  • 45 min
  • Group exercise
  • Storytelling
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