Practitioners’ toolbox

Here you can find films that provide practical support to practitioners working to promote FORB.

For example providing tools for religious literacy and FORB context analysis. The films are useful for personal understanding and for use in your organisation or community. The two context analysis films connect to context analysis exercises in our FORB facilitators’ toolkit – use them to help you lead context analysis processes in your organisation or in trainings you hold.

The films all come from the FORB learning platform’s training of the trainers course.

Three phases of persecution – a tool for context analysis

This film presents an easy to use tool for analysing the state of freedom of religion or belief in your context.

The Triangle of Violence – a tool for context analysis

This short film presents a useful tool for freedom of religion or belief (FORB) context that’s a bit more in depth than the 3 phases approach. The triangle helps us to identify how physical violence, discriminatory structures in society and our ideas about ‘the other’ are interlinked. Inspired by the work of Professor Johan Galtung, a founder of peace and conflict studies.

Six Lenses for Looking at Religion

This video seeks to help us understand the different roles religion can play in the life of society, of individuals and of their faith communities.

Five Principles for Human Rights Education

A quick introduction to the basic approaches used by human rights educators.

The Rabat plan of action – tackling incitement to hatred

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right, indispensable in democratic societies. However, it is not an absolute right and incitement to hatred is an example of unprotected speech. The Rabat Plan of Action on the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred provides comprehensive guidance for addressing issues of hate speech and incitement.

The FORB facilitators’ toolkit

Packed with participatory exercises, case studies and practical tools to help you plan and run trainings on FORB.

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