FORB and gender equality

A group discussion exercise based on a selected case study.  

About the exercise

  • Group exercise
  • Time required : 1 H 45 minutes
  • Target audience : Any. Suitable for groups with beginner or intermediate levels of knowledge about freedom of religion or belief (FORB) and gender. See ‘The expert advisors’ for groups with more advanced levels of knowledge.


  • To explore the intersecting human rights and FORB violations experienced by women in different parts of the world.
  • To enable participants to reflect on the ways in which women in participants’ context(s) experience intersecting violations of FORB and other rights, and how these differ from men’s experiences.


A group discussion exercise based on a selected case study.

In this exercise, it is advisable to be prepared to deal with emotions that this exercise may trigger in participants with personal experiences of violations. Have a co-facilitator who can help you with this should the situation arise!

Source: Adapted from the FORB Learning Platform online on-demand course ‘FORB and gender equality – enemies or allies?’.

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