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The FORB Learning Platform currently offers:

  • FORB Training of the Trainers: An 11-week online facilitated course for people wanting to facilitate interactive trainings on freedom of religion or belief
  • FORB for all: A self-study mid-level introduction to FORB that you can take at your own pace, at any time.
  • FORB and Gender Equality – Enemies or allies? A self-study course on the relationship between women’s rights and FORB.
  • The Local Changemakers Course : A complete curriculum of downloadable course materials for awareness raising at the grassroots level, available in 6 languages so far.
  • The FORB Facilitators Toolkit: A collection of 70 exercises, over 30 case studies and a range of practical tools to help you plan and deliver trainings on FORB.
  • Films on FORB: Short educational films, available in 20 languages.
  • Lots of practical tools: eg Learning objectives for FORB trainings, Tips for facilitation, Responding to tricky questions, Tools for context analysis.

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