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Awareness for peacebuilding, Tanzania

Tactic: Build awareness

When Christians in the village of Kianga built a church, some members of the majority Muslim community built a make-shift mosque right in front of it in protest, even though there are several mosques in the village already. An ongoing feud developed between the churchgoers and the Muslims who gathered to protest, and mud-throwing developed into physical violence.

The Zanzibar Interfaith Centre organised an interfaith committee in the village that spent months working hard to end the conflict. They taught people about the right to freedom of religion or belief and explained how important it is. In the end, the communities agreed to peaceful co-existence.

“Interfaith committees are working hard to give education on peacebuilding among Muslims and Christians here in Zanzibar.”
Hidaya Dude, a member of the Zanzibar Interfaith Centre.

Source: Zanzibar Interfaith Centre

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