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Legal aid for a victim of assault, Vietnam

Tactic: Seek justice and compensation

In Vietnam, the government heavily controls religious activity, having created government loyal religious communities to which people are expected to adhere. People who exercise religion through independent religious communities can face harassment.

BPSOS, a Vietnamese diaspora organisation, engaged a lawyer to represent one independent Cao Dai follower who was physically attacked by members of the state-sanctioned Cao Dai group after she and fellow Cao Dai followers resisted that group’s attempt to take over their temple. As a result, the woman received financial compensation through the legal system, and the state-sanctioned Cao Dai group ceased their take-over attempt. This was not only a win for the woman but also a promising sign for freedom of religion or belief in the country, given that the judiciary in Vietnam is highly politicized.

Source: BPSOS, www.bpsos.org

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