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Networking for women’s rights, Iraq

Tactic: Build networks

During the drafting of the new Iraqi constitution in 2004, the Iraqi Supreme Court proposed Decree 137 enshrining Sharia jurisprudence as the basis of personal civil status laws. The Iraqi Women’s Network is a country-wide collective of over 100 civil society organisations. Arguing that the decree institutionalised discrimination and would legalise child marriage and honour killings, the network coordinated a huge campaign of protests and advocacy, which continued until the article was withdrawn. Today they raise women’s awareness of their rights, encourage women to stand for local and national election and train women to run political campaigns.

“Working together gives us real strength. It gives us a louder voice in demanding our rights and helps us achieve real justice.”
Amal Kabashi, Coordinator of the Iraqi Women’s Network

Source: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, www.wilpf.org

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