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Protecting interfaith couples, India

Tactic: Stop and save

In India, the traditional caste system divides people into four castes with different levels of status, plus Dalits (outcastes). Inter-caste and interfaith marriages are severely frowned upon. The law states that interfaith marriages must be registered 30 days before the wedding, and families are notified of wedding plans. Many couples live in fear of reprisals from family members during this time. Some states of India have also introduced laws banning ‘conversion by marriage’, putting couples at risk of arrest.

‘Right to love’ is a campaign to protect interfaith and inter-caste couples. They provide couples with help in getting police protection and safe accommodation, legal help to get the marriage registered and counselling to deal with stress. It is run on a voluntary basis by two journalists.

Source: Newsclick, www.newsclick.in

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