Freedom of religion or belief has implications both for the internal life of faith communities and their relations with others. And theology has implications for freedom of religion or belief.

Here you’ll find links to tools for theological reflection as well as codes of conduct and guidelines of particular use to faith communities. Some have a practical focus, some enable members to reflect on the issues from a theological perspective, while others are designed for a more academic audience.

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Codes of conduct and guidelines of particular relevance to faith communities

Theological resources to help faith communities reflect on FORB

Network: The FORB Leadership Network

The FORB Leadership Network (FoRBLN) is a network of parliamentarians and belief leaders from 4 countries across Africa (The Gambia and Sierra Leone) and South Asia (Bangladesh and Pakistan) who are dedicated to promoting freedom of religion or belief in their national and local communities. FoRBLN exists to address the legislative barriers to freedom of religion or belief and the social mores that support societal hostility towards groups and individuals on account of their religion or belief.

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