Freedom of religion or belief in your country

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Here you can find advice, tools for context analysis and help to find reliable information about the state of FORB in your country.

Whether you are here for your own learning, you work with freedom of religion or belief (FORB) issues or are planning to lead a training on FORB, understanding the state of FORB in your country is key. Reliable information and analysis is an essential foundation for promoting the right.

General guidance

International sources focusing on many countries

Browse through the following information sources to find the sections relating to your country.

Reports focusing on particular belief groups

The following sources provide information about particular groups or countries. We have chosen to limit our selection to organisations carrying out original research and analysis, rather than those who report the research of others.

Resources on democracy and human rights broadly

The following resources include FORB aspects to varying degrees, but help to provide a broad picture of the state of human rights – an important backdrop to any FORB context analysis.

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Search for the name of your country in the FORB Library to look for reports about the state of FORB in your country specifically.

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