New: The Local Changemakers Course in Bangla, Tamil, SInhala & Russian

Free material to promote freedom of religion or belief at the grassroots level!

The FORB Learning Platform is happy to present two new translations of the Local Changemakers Course, a set of learning materials designed to empower local communities to promote freedom of religion or belief for all. The course materials are completely free for any person or organisation to use. The course focuses on developing knowledge, transforming attitudes and building skills for action, using a methodology that combines interfaith understanding and a rights-based approach.

Russian version   Sinhala version   Tamil version Bangla version

If you are in Sri Lanka or India and wish to receive a free paper copy of the course facilitator’s guide in Sinhala and/or Tamil please contact:

If you are in Central Asia and wish to receive a free paper copy of the course facilitators guide in Russian please contact:

The course is also available in English, Arabic, French and Urdu. Find all language versions here.

The Local Changemakers Course’s comprehensive approach delves deeply into various dimensions of FoRB. Significantly, the course prioritizes changing attitudes among participants, which is key. The flow of themes contributes to meaningful change and the simplicity of the content helps the trainer to contextualise and deliver it effectively. It is a really valuable resource.

Sarah Arumugam, Head of Social Justice

National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)