Here you can find guidance to help you report on religion related issues in a way that supports freedom of religion or belief for all, freedom of expression and equality.

The media has a huge impact on public attitudes. The stories chosen (and not chosen) and their tone and angle have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary people – and influence governments. Organisations that monitor hate crimes have documented a clear link between the use of an inflammatory tone in news reports and spikes in hate crime statistics.

Whatever our profession, we have a responsibility to respect human rights. This responsibility weighs particularly heavily on the media.


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Concrete recommendations for the media and states

The Camden Principles on freedom of expression and equality

The Camden principles are packed with concrete recommendations for the media (and the state) in ensuring both equality and freedom of expression. ​ They were prepared by Article19 on the basis of discussions involving a group of high-level UN and other officials, and civil society and academic experts in international human rights law on freedom of expression and equality.

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The Rabat Plan of Action

The Rabat plan of action on the prohibition of incitement to national, racial or religious hatred is the result of broad international process of consultation organised by the UN. The plan includes sections of particular relevance to the media, including paragraph 58 and 59.

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Freedom of expression is a fundamental right, indispensable in democratic societies. However, this right is not an absolute right, and incitement to hatred is an example of unprotected speech. The United Nations Rabat Plan of Action on the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred provides a comprehensive set of factors for States to address this issue and guidance for the media, drawing a clear line between freedom of expression and incitement to hatred and violence. Film published by UNESCO.

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